In Europe, you leave a bag somewhere, or the wallet at a club, and you’ll just never view it again

In Europe, you leave a bag somewhere, or the wallet at a club, and you’ll just never view it again

There’s one thing that i’ven’t observed talked about and is also significantly similar to the personal rely on mentioned previously : the relative difference in pickpocketing / thieves. Group only seem to have their own vision open for a simple get; and anybody need spied they and got they no question.

In the U.S. the very possible that somebody will change it around, or figure out an effective way to send it back. submitted by stratastar at 8:54 PM on [1 preferred]

«shorts», «knickers», «suspenders», «engaged» (wrt telephone calls): all words which chance a dive into a tar gap of humiliation for Brits talking to People in the us – or vice versa.

Huge state-by-state variations in the comprehension of «in terms of the eye can see»: examine Montana with Iowa as an example.

The relative shittiness of broadcast news in rural segments (within the UK, like, we can pick-up the exact same nationwide radio place while we push about any part of the nation – with automated flipping between transmitters). In the USA the cool stations appear to fade to static and psychopathic chat broadcast as one minds for wild blue yonder. posted by rongorongo at 9:16 PM on [1 favored]

The other day we watched a motorist in Houston curling the lady eyelashes and mentioning on her phone on the other hand. My personal regional host stated she actually is heard of the majority of incredible quantity of texting whilst creating since she’s resided there, and revealed the ‘no texting’ signs having sprung up on the sides of roads.

Touring from European countries to NY, I became gobsmacked on filth and bad maintenance of this subways. They feels as though the intestine of some under-developed my own after the swish, clean, embellished, well closed subways of Paris.

Even London gift suggestions a ‘face’ to locals and visitors that reflects the town and life around it – something lacking through the NY subways

«jeans», «knickers», «suspenders», «engaged» (wrt phone calls): all statement which risk a plunge into a tar gap of humiliation for Brits speaking with People in the us – or vice versa.

Make sure you remember «fanny». I’ll never forget the energy whenever a sales assistant and that I happened to be reduced to a heap of helpless, tears-running-down-our-faces-and-unable-to-speak mirth in a ladies clothing store in Guildford when my personal United states friend mentioned she didn’t know very well what UNITED KINGDOM size she got, but she knew she got a massive fanny. submitted by essex [4 favorites]

– whenever Us americans tell you an account regarding their youth might seldom inform you exactly what what their age is is at the time, for example «once I got seven, I. «. Alternatively they will certainly say «in sixth grade, I. «. As a Brit, We have no clue what that means so have to query what age they were.

– very high expectations for some circumstances; her service, her car. A failure observe so just how awful TV information will be the idea that I seem like a foil hat wear conspiracist. The low-level of dislike of people from southern if you live in regarding the urban centers, and the other way around.

All made-up for HALF and HALF creamer

– there is in fact a big change in explaining freeways, as an example an indigenous Los Angeleno will state «take the 101» whereas a north Californian will state «take 101» – this could seem trivial, but i’ve seen passionate viewpoints over this.

– this might be L.A. particular, but there’s lots of natural racial segregation. I’ve been to get results functions the spot where the grayscale folk gather themselves into individual sides. White folks in LA will barely acknowledge that southern area LA prevails.

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